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Who We Are.

At StrataDx, every slide is a person... A person who may be very anxious about the news that will be delivered from the doctor after a biopsy. Inspired by our passion for helping people, we provide peace of mind through accurate diagnosis and reliable results.

Our Mission.

We are a national diagnostic laboratory dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care. Our mission is to provide best in class pathology services to save lives.

How We Can Help.

Our team is an extension of your team and your patients are our patients, too. Putting people first ensures that we never lose sight of what matters most at StrataDx - patient care.

what we do really, really well


Led by dermatopathology experts, we provide advanced diagnostics for a wide range of skin conditions including melanocytic & soft tissue lesions, dermatoses, and lymphomas.

Oral Pathology

Our board-certified Oral Pathologists represent decades of expertise across a wide range of clinical specialties. Our goal is to provide you with a personal relationship and direct line of access to your pathologist.

Podiatric Pathology

Many diseases of the skin and nail can be detected in nail biopsy specimens, including fungal infection and psoriasis. We know Melanoma can be far more subtle and difficult to diagnose requiring a seasoned expert in the field.

Technical Preparation (TCPC)

We recognize that histology needs can vary greatly over time depending on the size and location of the practice and availability of technical staff. With that in mind, we offer technical services, tailored to both hospital and office-based practices.

Vacation Coverage

Are you dreaming of an island getaway, but you can't seem to find the time? Let StrataDx give you the opportunity to take that much needed vacation. Our industry renowned pathologists will deliver the accurate, specific diagnoses your practice demands.


We offer second opinions and expertise on your most challenging cases when you’re not willing to compromise on the quality and accuracy of your patient’s care. When you’re second guessing and need an expert, our expert pathologists can help!

What Our Clients Say

David Bigler, M.D.

Any lab can receive a specimen and kick out a report. I've never seen a lab that demonstrates the technical expertise and incredible consistency that we always receive from Strata and we have no desire to change.

David Bigler, M.D. Gateway Dermatology, PC
Madeline Krauss, M.D.

Our practice is extremely satisfied with Strata's service and expertise. Great turnaround, seamless delivery of electronic and paper reports, and excellent access to the pathologists to discuss any case. We could not be happier with our choice of pathology lab.

Madeline Krauss, M.D. Krauss Dermatology
David M. Emanuel, D.M.D., M.D.

I am pleased to work exclusively with [the] Oral Pathology Group at Strata. Results are often sent in less than 48 hrs. More importantly, over almost two decades of working with these pathologists, the reliability, trust, and guidance provided to us is simply impeccable! I am grateful to have this extraordinary talent available for our patients.

David M. Emanuel, D.M.D., M.D. Framingham Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery PC
Thomas W. Sterio, D.M.D., MS

I have used the oral pathology biopsy service at StrataDx for five years now. I am impressed by the fact that they always provide accurate diagnoses that are easily understood by the clinician and have clinical relevance. The pathologists are extremely accessible and always available to discuss management. I would not use any other service and give my highest recommendation to the doctors and staff at Strata.

Thomas W. Sterio, D.M.D., MS Perico

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